Microblading Videos

A short video to answer some questions you might have about Microblading.
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Micro Mini Videos 
Short videos showing Microblading results.  
All videos shown here are of actual Perfumes Plus clients. 

Microblading is totally imperceptible. Have a look at this lovely client's new brow tails:

A full set of Microbladed eyebrows, this client had no pre-existing brow hair:
(this client and her new brows were featured on CBC NB News!)

Adding "Microshading" to  Microblading.  This is a manual technique to give a powdered in look while still looking very natural.  We were even able to conceal a scar that is just below her arch.

Micro Mini - Microshading
We created a denser looking brow that mimics the look of brow pencil with microshading. This client did Microblading only at her first appointment and then decided to add Microshading during her touch up. Microshading is a great way to blend your existing brows into the Microblading.