Microblading FAQs & After Care

Microblading - Frequently Asked Questions & After Care

Q. Do my eyebrows get shaved off first?
No! We work with your existing brow hair. Stray hairs may be tweezed during the process to create a smooth shape.  If you regularly wax your brows we recommend having that done 1 week before.

Q. I've had cancer and my brows never grew back, can I get Microblading?
Yes! As long as you are in remission, have not had chemotherapy treatments for 1 year, and have no other health complications. 
Microblading can be done before chemotherapy treatments even begin in some cases - meaning you always have the look of brows throughout treatment.
In some cases we ask for a note of Doctor's approval prior to the procedure.

Q.Who isn't a good candidate for Microblading?
We don't perform Microblading on pregnant women or nursing women, those on Accutane, or those who keloid scar. Accutane treatments must have been stopped for 1 year prior to Microblading.
Those who have compromised immune systems, those with heart conditions, and those on prescription blood thinners would need their doctor's written permission. Some medications can cause premature fading and the need to touch up may be more frequent.
 Botox/fillers need to be avoided 1 month before and after Microblading.  Laser/IPL is not advised after treatment on brow area as it can change the pigment colour and lead to premature fading.

*Those with diabetes that is under control can have Microblading provided they are in otherwise good health.
In some cases we ask for a note of Doctor's approval prior to the procedure.

 Q. Is it painful?
Most people feel pressure and light scratching.  A topical numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure and a second freezing is applied mid-procedure to keep you comfortable.  Those with low pain tolerance may find it uncomfortable but others have actually fallen asleep during the process! Some clients object more to the sound of the procedure than the actual feeling so you may bring small headphones and an mp3/music player to listen to during your appointment.

Q. What does it look like right after?
Most people look like they've just had their perfect brows waxed - slight redness around the brow area and possibly some light swelling.  Since we wipe away pigment and numbing cream during the appointment any makeup around the brow/forehead area is removed.

Q. Can I still take a shower while my brows are healing?
Yes!  See After Care below:

Q. I've had Microblading elsewhere, can I still come to you for a touch-up?
A consultation is required before any new Microblading appointment.  At the consultation we will access the current condition of your brows and determine if a regular Microblading appointment at the regular price($395) is needed or *correction work.  Touch-ups and touch-up pricing only applies to clients we have already treated at Perfumes Plus.

*Any correction over work not done here starts at $450+ depending on what is required to achieve the desired results. This price would include your 6 week touch-up appointment. 

Q. Who performs the Microblading procedure?
Microblading should only be done by a technician who is certified in Microblading and Bloodborne Pathogens.  Our Microblading Technician is Laura Smith & she is certified with both those qualifications.  Laura has been a Makeup Artist for over 10 years and specializes in enhancing natural beauty.

Microblading After Care

We go over detailed instructions during your appointment but here are the basics so you know what to expect over the 1st week.

-Keep brows clean and dry.  You may shower as normal, but avoid a direct stream on water on your brows and pat dry promptly. Avoid long, hot showers as the steam opens the pores and can reduce how well your skin will hold the pigment. Avoid saunas.  No touching, rubbing or scrubbing the area.  Do not use any cleansers on your brows or exfoliate them.  Do not apply peroxide, saline solution, or Polysporin- this can adversely affect the colour.  

-Avoid breaking a sweat.  Don't over exert yourself/work out until the skin's surface has begun to heal (approx. 7 - 10 days).

-Avoid makeup on brow area.  You may still wear your foundation/powder, but avoid makeup in the area worked on and carefully wash it off around your brows each night avoiding rubbing or scrubbing  directly on your brows.

-Avoid sun exposure.  Exposure to direct sunlight is the fastest way to fade your brows. SPF is a must year round on your brow area.  It is crucial to avoid the sun and/or tanning beds until the surface of the skin is healed (1 week) and you can apply sunblock. 
It's best to avoid excess sun exposure altogether.

Approximately 5 - 7 days after Microblading the skin on the brow area begins to flake a bit and can be a little itchy.  Do not rub, scratch, or pick at the area or remove any small scabs/flaking skin.  This is a natural part of the healing process.  After the flaking has subsided you may resume wearing makeup and cleansing your face as normal.  

It is best to avoid Retin-A products, AHA treatments and chemical peels in the brow area to maintain ideal brow colour.  Advise Aestheticians/Laser Techs  prior to facial treatments that you've had eyebrow Microblading.  

After your 6 week touch-up it is recommended to have a Yearly Touch-up to maintain your brows.  Yearly Touch-up prices are between $100 - $150.  After 3 years of no touch-ups any subsequent treatment is no longer considered a touch-up and the initial cost of the full procedure would apply.