Microblading Info & Pricing

To book a Microblading appointment call us at (506) 633-0074

Microblading is a semi-permanent method used to tattoo the eyebrow, lasting up to 3 years.  

A certified technician uses a manual tool and tattoo pigment to "draw"each hair stroke individually for a very natural result. 

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Microblading to cover scar where hair didn't grow

Microblading Consultation: $25 non-refundable. 30 minutes.
You consultation is a chance for you to discuss your brow goals with our Microblading Technician & determine if the procedure is the right solution for you. Your consultation is a crucial step in the process.  It cannot be booked on the same day as the appointment itself.

We will discuss shape, colour, thickness and may do some measurements.  Often we will tweeze and trim existing brows to better line up with shape and thickness discussed.  Once we are able to asses your brows and your desired outcome we will be able to determine the price of your Microblading appointment (prices range from $395 - $500).

The consultation is also when we make sure there aren't any health conditions, medications, or other procedures that conflict with the Microblading procedure.

We may do a patch test of colour and freezing medications to ensure no products used will give an unwanted reaction.

Please note: If you have had Microblading done elsewhere and are looking for correction work or a touch-up a consultation is still required.  Price for correction work and touch-ups over other artist's work is determined case by case depending on the amount of time and skill required to achieve your desired outcome.

*If you book your appointment after your consultation we take your $25 consultation fee as a deposit and apply it to your Microblading appointment.

Microblading Appointment: $395- $500*  ($25 Consultation fee redeemable on service price)
                                                  Your 6 week Touch-Up appointment is included in this price.

Your Microblading appointment will last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

First, our Microblading Technician will take before pictures for your file.
Then she draws on your ideal shape, taking measurements throughout the process, creating a guide to fill in with hair strokes.  This ideal shape is based on your requests during the consultation and you have the ability to make any changes to shape, size and thickness during this design process.

Once you are happy with the outline guide for you new brows a topical freezing is applied. While waiting for the freezing to take effect we have you fill out the treatment forms.

Our technician will swatch a pigment colour on your forehead  and have you approve the colour choice and then the procedure begins.

During the procedure most people feel light scratching and some feel discomfort.  Everyone's pain tolerance is different and we do our best to ensure you are comfortable.  Please avoid taking Asprin prior to your appointment as they tend to act as blood thinners which can affect the colour result of your brows.
Some people find the sound of the procedure unpleasant (scratching, or like velcro) - you are more than welcome to bring headphones and listen to music on your phone/mp3 player during your appointment.

Partway through the procedure will apply a 2nd numbing gel to further increase your comfort.

After your brows are finished we will go over your aftercare, healing timeline, take after pictures for your file, and schedule your 6 Week Touch-Up/Colour Boost appointment.  You will leave with minor redness and slight swelling.

Add Microshading: $75
Microshading, also called "soft tap", creates a softly filled in look and adds depth of colour to brows. this is done manually, with no machine, for a soft and natural look.  Can be added to initial Microblading appointment or the 6 week Touch-Up appointment.

Microblading 6 Week Touch-Up/Colour Boost: Included in Microblading Appointment Fee!
Your touch-up appointment will be approximately 1 - 1.5 hours.
This is where we can tweak colour, thickness, and/or shape.  Fading often occurs after the first appointment and everyone's skin takes the pigments differently.  Fading can result in gaps where a hair stroke has disappeared or shrunk so the touch up step is crucial.

Microblading Maintenance Appointment: $100 - $150 (price for existing Perfumes Plus clients)
We recommend a maintenance appointment every 1 - 1.5 years to keep your shape and colour looking it's best.  Fading occurs naturally and is increased by sun exposure.  An SPF is essential to ensure the longest results possible.  Everyone's skin holds pigment differently and some may not need Maintenance Appointments as frequently as others but most people find after 3 years the Microblading has almost totally faded.  This fading allows for brow shape or colour to be changed or even raised to give a bit of a lift to the eye area.

Any appointment scheduled after 3 years of the initial service would not be considered maintenance or a  touch-up and the regular $395 price would apply.

Missed Appointment: $50 
We want to make sure everyone's time is respected.  Please give us 24 hours noticed if you need to cancel or reschedule.  If an appointment is missed without 24 hours notice given a $50 charge must be paid before a new appointment can be scheduled.

Microblading is not recommended for diabetics, those on blood thinning medications, those with compromised immune systems, those currently undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those who have had Botox injections around the eye area within 4 weeks of treatment, those who have had laser hair removal around the eye area within 4 weeks of treatment.

If you require antibiotics prior to dental or medical procedures start your prescription prior to your Microblading appointment.

As with traditional tattooing, you are unable to give blood for 6 months after the procedure.

Brows didn't return after chemotherapy treatments so new brows were created with Microblading