All aesthetic services are completed in a private treatment room.
EpilFree services are available Tuesday - Saturday.

EpilFree Permanent Hair Reduction
all prices are per treatment and include waxing

$60 Eyebrows
$45 Upper Lip
$45 Chin
$55 Cheeks
$35 Sideburns

Body - Woman
$60+   Underarms
$65+   Bikini
$110+ Underarms & Bikini
$55+   Hands & Feet
$145+ Half Leg
$280+ Full Leg
$185+ Half Leg & Underarms
$235+ Half Leg, Underarms, & Bikini
$100+ Half Arms
$320+ Full Legs & Underarms
$370+ Full Legs, Underarms & Bikini

Body - Man
$220+ Back
$270+ Chest
$80+   Shoulders
$450+ Back, Chest & Shoulders
$200+ Full Arms

About EpilFree
EpilFree is made of natural plant extracts in a unique formula that fuses the root of hair cells and prevents them from growing a new hair.  To apply the formula, a certified EpilFree technician removes the hair in the Anagen phase by waxing, which leaves an empty hair follicle.
The EpilFree activator lotion is applied to temporarily expand pore size so that the EpilFree Inhibitor can be massaged into the skin and down to the bottom of the follicle.

Proper application of the EpilFree lotions following the specific protocol is essential for success in 
stopping the hair permanently. This is why EpilFree is available for professional use only.