Apr 27, 2017

Emma's Eyebrow Microblading - Healing Process

Are you curious what your eyebrows will look like during the healing process after you've had Microblading?  While everyone heals differently the same basic progression happens for all of us.
We thought we would post Emma's healing process for you to see her brows every few days.

Emma's skin type is Dehydrated Oily. Oily skin types often have softer looking healed strokes than those with normal to dry skin.

For more information on Microblading check out our page Here

Here is her before and immediately after Microblading:
Top: Before
Bottom: Immediately After Microblading

Emma has lovely existing brows but wanted more dense colour, to fill in her arches where the hairs are more sparse, and to add more hair strokes to bring her brows closer towards her nose:

Top: Before
Bottom: Immediately After Microblading

Day 4 - Healing Update 
Note: She is not wearing any makeup in her brows

Day 4 - 7 of healing some people start to feel slightly itchy in the brow area and as the skin starts to heal there is a little bit of flaking, which you can see here. 
We recommend using your grapeseed oil (included with your aftercare) to sooth the itching so you don't rub or scratch.

Day 6 - Healing Update

We can see that the colour has softened/lightened compared to day 4.
Note: She is not wearing any makeup in her brows

Day 8 - Healing Update
Note: Emma is wearing a little brow power in her brows today

All tenderness in the area is gone and there is only a tiny bit of dry skin around the brows.
A little make up in the brow area is ok to use and sunscreen over them is recommended.