Feb 21, 2017

Our Microblading Technician Featured on CBC News

Last week very exciting here at Perfumes Plus!

CBC featured one of our Microblading clients who has been cancer-free for 5 years and felt it was time to reclaim her eyebrows. Alison was gracious enough to share her story and invite the camera in to film her Touch-Up appointment, 6 weeks after her initial Microblading appointment.

We are so pleased to hear her say she feels like a new and improved version of herself and that her Microbladed Eyebrows look even better than the natural ones she had  before chemotherapy treatments.
New eyebrow created with Microblading.

Our Microblading Technician, Laura Smith, has been a Makeup Artist for over 10 years and has always known that women struggle with their brows.  The number one issue women would share while sitting in the makeup chair was "I hate my brows, I wish they were more this, or more that".  Laura says she loves Microblading because "it has allowed me to give women eyebrows they love, that last.  These brows aren't washing away with the rest of her makeup at night".  Our goal at Perfumes Plus is to help women look and feel their best, boost their confidence and be the best version of themselves.  Thank you to Alison for letting us play a part in "Alison 2.0".

For those who are worried about eyebrow loss as a result of chemotherapy, Microblading can be done before chemotherapy is started!  Some women choose to come in as soon as they receive the diagnoses, before any cancer treatments have begun.  We can Microblade over your existing brows so as they thin due to medication the Microblading will show through and you won't be left with bare patches or non-existent brows.  

Read the CBC article below, double click to enlarge the image: