Sep 14, 2016

Fall Makeup Bag Refresh - 3 Key Questions

This time of year always feel like a fresh start.
We start planning our fall wardrobes, buying boots, drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and putting away our summer clothes...

This is the perfect time to go through your makeup bag and ask yourself these 3 Questions 
1. What am I really wearing every day?
2. What needs to be replaced? (ex: mascara should only be kept for 4 months max!)
3. What am I missing?

1. If you're not wearing it, ask your self why?
If it's just not the right colour for you get rid of it. (donate it, give it to a friend, toss it)

If you're just not sure how to use it, bring it in!  We are happy to give advice and teach, even if you didn't purchase the product here.  Maybe a new application technique is all you need to remind you why you bought it in the first place.

2. Replacing & Updating
If you're not sure if something needs to be replaced here are some guidelines:
-Powders tend to be fine for years.  Bacteria doesn't build up on clean, dry surfaces.  If it has a shiny residue on the surface simply scrape it off with a clean mascara wand or business card.  
-Liquids and creams are more likely to hold bacteria and/or have formula breakdown.  
I swear by the Smell Test.  Sniff your mascara wand or lipstick tube & if it smells plastic-y or harsh/unpleasant then you don't want it near your eye/mouth - throw it out.  
-If products are flaking, separating, or showing any other change in texture it's best to get rid of them.

Some products don't need to be replaced, just updated.  Your favourite hot pink lipstick might work with your entire summer wardrobe but once you start wearing darker clothing, or get those fall low-lights in your hair, you might find you need richer, deeper colours in your makeup.  Start a summer makeup bag to put the off-season favourites in and then look for new fall updates for your current makeup bag.  Unsure how to update?  Come in and we can try on new shades you'll love.

3. What new items would improve/simplify my makeup routine?
Do you find you're applying layer after layer of foundation and going through it too quickly?  Maybe you just need a proper concealer for certain areas?
A lip liner would increase the weartime of your lipstick so you won't have to touch-up as much, or maybe a long-wear lipstain is a better option?
Feel like to no matter what you do, you still look tired? We can show you a Flash Balm to brighten and hydrate under your makeup, or a highlighter.

Whatever your question or concern we would love to discover the perfect solution for you!
We offer complimentary makeup bag consultations.  Take 15 minutes and see how we can simplify and update your routine for the season.  
Call ahead to book a time with our makeup artist Laura. 633-0074.