Nov 10, 2015

Part 1: Skincare Routine - A Sample Template & Product Break Down

What's your Skincare Routine? Do you even have one?

When figuring out the best routine, you have to start by thinking how you want your skin to look and  find products that meet those needs.    The next thing to consider, once you've found products, is the order you apply them and how often you apply them. Most products stimulate the skin's cells to perform various functions and need to be used consistently for consistent results; using twice daily will let you see the results much  faster than a single application. Also, different products have different consistencies and need to be applied according to product penetration, so thinner products before thicker ones.   

Here is our template of a Sample Skincare Routine:

Some things to keep in mind:
If you have normal to dry/dehydrated skin you may not need to cleanse in the morning and can start right with toner.  This is remove access oils from over night and keep skin balanced.
Those with oily or acne prone skin can usually benefit from a gentle cleanse first thing in the morning, followed by a toner.

Often toners can be called softeners, lotions, or cosmetic waters. Find one that delivers what you want - toners can be used to not only balance skin's surface, but give hydration, brighten, tighten pores, and reduce oil production.  Most are applied with a cotton pad, some can be spritzed on, and others massaged on with hands.

Serums are usually used as a booster for the moisturizer used on top and have a higher concentration of active ingredients. Serums are usually a thin consistency and absorb very quickly.  Often a faster result is achieved from a product when using the serum and cream together twice a day then using the cream alone.
Serums can be layered, which is a big skincare trend right now.  Start with the thinnest consistency and end with the thickest.  If possible, let each one sink in for a few minutes before going on the the next. And, don't forget to apply to neck and decollete! Serums typically do not have the power to hydrate our skin properly on their own so applying a moisturizer on top is a must.  The serums compliment and intensify the function of the moisturizer, they don't replace it.

Eye/Lip Treatments:
When treating a specific area like around eyes or lips, apply a cream specially formulated for that area.  The ingredient concentrations and molecule size are different for those products because our skin is different in those areas.  Apply these products after your serum, if using a serum.

Apply your moisturizer to your face, neck, and decollete.  If you've previously applied eye cream don't go over with moisturizer. The skin around the eyes is thin, after a serum and eye cream, it won't absorb another moisturizer nor does it need to.  

Sunscreen is your last step before makeup.  If you moisturizer already has an SPF you can skip applying a separate one.  However, SPF does not stay active all day & should be reapplied regularly before going in the sun.  
Think of putting an ice cube in a glass of water - it only cools the water for so long before it melts.  Once melted it is still technically in the glass, but it's not effective anymore.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Weekly Treatments