May 1, 2015

Month of May - Celebrating 5 For 5

This May we are celebrating all things "5"

Let's start with ways to wear bright nail colours.  It's easy to fall in love with bright colours and then be a bit reserved when it actually comes to wearing them.  So, using colours from the Summer 2015 makeup collection, we bring you...

5 Ways To Do Bright Nails:

1. Classic.  A vibrant red always looks glamorous and this summer Coral is the new Red.  This rich, dark coral is stunning. (shade used: Coquelicot #717)

2. Minimal.  We love the idea of a simple design in a bright colour on an otherwise bare nail.  A clear base and top coat gives shine and adds longevity to this simple, fun look. (shade used: Mediterranee #707)

3. Tip.  Try a French Tip with a modern update. This purple tip is a nod to the always chic French Manicure, but is a fun alternative for summer. The shorter your nail, the thinner your line of colour should be. (shade used: Lavanda #727)

4. Corner.  Use a contrasting colour on just the corner of your nail.  This look is very easy to do and looks equally great as an accent on one nail, or, all nails. (shades used: Coquelicot #717 & Terrana #697)

5. Accent.  Create one accent nail as a pop of colour against a neutral shade on the other nails. (shades used: Terrana #697 &  Mediterranee #707)