Apr 5, 2013

Beauty Swap!

It's Spring and that means it's time to change, spring clean, and think about that summer shopping wish list.  To give you a head start there is a Beauty Swap Meet going on April 6 right here in Uptown Saint John at the Saint John Ale House.

Here's the scoop:
Sort through you're unused, or barely used, beauty products tonight and drop them off Saturday at 12 to the Saint John Ale House with your $5.  (Your money gets you a specialty cocktail while you shop for new items, but more on that in a minute) .  Be there early to ensure a Swap Goodie Bag!  
The products you drop off can be samples or full sized,  makeup, nail polish, perfume, or hair care.  You get a token for each item you turn in to get something new!

You have a little time to kill between drop off and shopping, this gives the event runners time to sort all the beauty swag!  During that time make the most of what Uptown has to offer!  Do lunch with girlfriends or pop in here at Perfumes Plus for a little Sweet Swap Beauty Touch-up!  We will touch up your makeup and give you a little fragrance spritz before you head back to the Ale House.

Once back to the Ale House you can enjoy your specialty cocktail and redeem your tokens for new-to-you products!  Kind of like a treasure hunt you may not know exactly what you'll find, but you know it will be something good!

A special thanks to Barb of barbbarbbarb.com for dreaming up this idea!  We were so excited to be asked to be a part of it by donating to the Goodie Bag and doing Touch-ups at the store.