Feb 23, 2013

Why we all need a facial right now...

 This can be a tricky time of year for our skin - temperatures rise and fall, there is very little moisture in the air, the heat is cranked - our skin is more prone to dehydration, flakiness, and even breakouts.

   1 Hour Facial with 1/2 price Eyebrow Wax
$62.50 + tax 
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Our current facial special is designed to help you get your skin back on track...with the added plus of a 1/2 price eyebrow wax!
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Never had a facial?

Here's what you are missing:
 A Deep Cleanse - remove any makeup, pollutants, or impurities
Exfoliation  - remove dry/dead skin to restore radiance & glow
Relaxing Steam - open pores of the skin
Extractions - removal of blackheads, clogged pores, or pimples
Mask - treats & soothes the skin
Massage - relax & stimulate circulation & lymphatic drainage
Serum - a potent & fast acting boost for your skin
Eye Cream - protect this delicate skin & improve darkness, 
                     puffiness & lines
Moisturizer - maintain skin's optimal moisture level & protect
                      from  sun & environmental stress

All of these steps are tailored to your needs and desires when it comes to your skin.  We have mask treatments to purify and mattify the skin or those to restore rich hydration and luminosity...and everything in between.  

 Also, we can help you determine what you can use to maintain results at home.  It's one thing to know what the correct products are, it's another thing to consistently use them.  Just changing a toner can make all the difference, or adding a weekly mask treatment to your current regime.   

We can't wait to help you reveal your best self!