Aug 4, 2011

Customer Recommendation

Thanks to Carole for sending in her ringing endorsement of CHANEL UV Essentielsunblock.
"I cannot recommend this product highly enough! 
Laura gave me a sample, because she knows I am a cyclist, and spend a lot of time in the sun.  A tiny bit goes a long way.  This product gives me a beautiful, delicate matte look.  I can even use a bit on my lips.  It stays for hours, even during a bike ride or a swim. It's an excellent primer for foundation.  I will repurchase this again and again.  Also, since it's so nice to use, I remember to wear it every day, and so my skin texture has improved dramatically.  Old sun spots seem to have faded, and no new ones have arrived"

If you haven't tried this product yet please come in!  In my experience it lives up to everything Carole said.  Plus, the bottle is small and unbreakable so it's easy to keep with you or take while traveling.  Also, a big thanks to Carole for suggesting this comment form in the first place.  We love hearing from everyone!