May 13, 2010

Salon Safety

Manicures and Pedicures are a lovely way to pamper oneself.  It's great to relax while someone soaks your feet and hands, prepares & buffs your nails, and skillfully adds the perfect colour to boost the bounce in your step.  It's easy to think that because you are in a salon you don't need to think about sanitation, that you are in good hands and there is nothing to worry about.

A recent episode of the television program Dr. Oz focused on exactly this issue.  We at Perfumes Plus want to make sure our clients enjoy all their aesthetic services with confidence that health and safety is a top priority.

I've included 3 tips that were posted on Dr. Oz's website ( and what we do at Perfumes Plus to make sure you are safe to sit back and enjoy your appointment.

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What dangers are lurking at your local nail salon? Dr. Oz launches an undercover investigation to find out. Learn what three dangers to avoid.

1. Dirty Tools: Traces of E. coli bacteria have been found on nail salon tools. This can cause serious infections on the hands and feet.

Protect Yourself: Look for salons that use UV sterilizers. A UV sterilizer can kill most of the bacteria on the tools in as little as one minute. Tools should be placed inside the sanitizer for 5 minutes.

Bring your own tools to the nail salon.

   at Perfumes Plus we use a hospital grade disinfectant on all of our tools.  Any metal implement is then also cleaned with a bead sterilizer.  This instrument stays at a temperature of 500 degrees F and insures that any microrganisms are killed.  Any implements that cannot be sterilzed ie, orangewood sticks etc. are discarded or offered to the client for home use.

2. Dirty Tubs: Mycobacteria, fungus and yeast have been found in the pedicure tubs.

Protect Yourself: Use a tub liner to keep your feet away from the tub walls. These liners cost only about $1. Never shave your legs the day you are planning to get a pedicure. The micro-nicks in the skin more readily allow these dangerous bacteria in.   
  at Perfumes Plus we use a pedicure tub with disposable liners.  Each liner is used once then disgarded.  We do not charge an extra fee or premium for liners.  Each pedicure starts with a relaxing foot soak with disinfectant properties to ensure health and safety for both our clients and our aestheticians.

3. Illegal Procedures: The “foot razor,” used to remove calluses, is illegal in most states. Often, nail salon employees cut the skin by accident; most don’t clean the bloody razors properly. This is a serious health violation and should be avoided entirely.
Protect Yourself: Use a callous solution or heel cream at home to safely dissolve hardened skin.

   at Perfumes Plus we use sanitizable foot files to lightly buff away hard and calloused skin.  We are also a distributor of Gehwol foot products and offer a range of solutions to clients that suffer common foot ailments such as dry craked skin, callouses, odor, poor circulation, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Each client's health, wellness, comfort, & enjoyment are what we focus on here at Perfumes Plus.  If at any time you have questions about a procedure you are having done please stop and ask.  Our aestheticians are professionals and happy to explain our sanitation procedures and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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