May 26, 2010

Pick of the Week!

Welcome to the first of many.  We are starting to have a weekly feature product in the store, so why not share it online as well?

The Perfumes Plus Pick of the Week is:  A cuticle oil called Solar Oil by CND

This product will change your nails forever, true story.  Apply it at least once a day (I apply more often in the winter months) to the cuticle of fingers and toes.  One swipe across the nail bed is enough; then gently rub it in.  It instantly softens the cuticle and gives a healthy glow to the nails.  Purse sized bottle is $3.50!

Use it before you push back your cuticle and then lightly buff oil into nails for a lovely sheen.

Regular use prevents hang nails & flaky nails. 

Keep this bottle in your purse to use on the go!