Nov 2, 2017

Wow your Brows

Do your eyebrows need a makeover?  Come in and see us!

Your brows should be a frame for your beautiful eyes, giving extra definition and a lift to your face.  Whether your brows are too light and thin or thick and unruly we can shape them in proportion to your features and teach you tips and tricks so you can have perfect brows every day!

Saturdays book a Brow Consultation between 11am - 2pm 
at the special rate of $15
this includes shaping!  The regular price for this service is $32.

Have a look at some brows below and give us a call to help you achieve the brows you've always wanted! (506) 633-0074
Gwen Stefani is a perfect example of a dramatic change actually looking more natural.  Fuller brows in a more suitable shade flatter her eyes and enhance her over all appearance. 

This client wanted fuller brows again.  We did Microblading, but this after photo shows what just using brow pencil in the right shade with a good application technique can do.  When doing a consultation for eyebrows, whether for Waxing or Microblading we pencil in your brows first to let you see and tweak the shape

Alicia changed her brow shape by waxing, then tinted them to be a deeper shade to give her brows more presence.  She also uses pencil to further enhance them.

This client chose Microblading to give her a new more lifted shape.  Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo so you don't need to fill your brows in daily with makeup.

*all photos are actual clients of Perfumes Plus, with the exception of Gwen Stefani!

To make a Brow Consultation appointment, call (506) 633-0074

Aug 21, 2017

Microblading - An Eyebrow Game Changer

We offer Microblading for Eyebrows!

Our certified Microblading Technician, Laura Smith, has been a Makeup Artist for over 10 years and has always been passionate about eyebrows.

This is a wonderful solution for those who have thin, sparse, or even non-existent eyebrows.
Individual hair strokes are tattooed on the skin to create a very natural result that lasts between 1 - 3 years.

Have a look at some of our before and after pictures and click here to go to our Microblading page for detailed information about the procedure and pricing.

See more before and after transformations on our Instagram account: @Perfumes_Plus_Microblading